Brookfield Viscometers At The Right Price

As an independent retailer, Quality Control Laboratories (also known as QC Labs) are able to offer extremely competitive prices on Brookfield Viscometers. QC Labs sell a variety of Laboratory equipment from Viscometers and Rheometers to Flow Cups and Calibration Oils. Due to their extensive work in the QC industry, QC Labs have made a number of strong connections, that allow them to sell at truly unbelievable prices.

Brookfield DV2 ViscometerAfter working in the industry for such a long time, Quality Control Laboratories knowledge of the industry is one of a kind. Not only do they retail QC equipment, they also offer the servicing of viscometers as well a the calibration of viscometers, which is essential to achieve reliable results.

About Brookfield Viscometers

Brookfield Engineering are an American company renowned for the production of the finest quality control equipment including Viscometers, Rheometers, Flowcups and Spindles. Their instruments are used world wide by research, design, and process control departments.

Examples of some of their viscometers include:

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